Handheld Systems Offers DAP Technologies Rugged Handheld Computer Powered by Microsoft Windows CE

Handheld Systems, a leading supplier of environmentally rugged, handheld computers, continues to lead the way by now offering the most rugged handheld computers powered by Microsoft Windows® CE: the DAP Technologies CE5240 and CE5320.

These newest DAP units have the fastest processing speed available today for handheld computers of this category. By offering Windows® CE on the CE5240 and CE5320, DAP is ensuring that they provide outstanding advantages for software developers and end-users. Most importantly, this includes the means to meet the increasingly varied and complex requirements of mobile data collection applications of the new millennium.

The highly rugged DAP units combined with the MS Windows® CE operating system offer to the end-user the level of performance, efficiency, portability and data security required for mobile data collection in the harshest of environments. Based on high military standards, DAP's mobile computers continue to withstand rough handling, drops onto concrete, driving rains, extreme temperature variations and condensation, and other harsh environmental conditions.

Windows® CE employs widely used and supported platforms: the familiar Win32 API (Application Programming Interface), the Developer Studio Environment, and advanced pluggable toolkits for both Visual C++ and Visual Basic, etc. These will enable software developers to easily create modular applications, and reusable code components and libraries to further enhance productivity and enable rapid development of custom applications.

This new technology offers also great networking and communication capabilities that will ensure seamless data transfer -- enabling developers to build complete solutions and to connect to ERP systems. In addition to recently being available on the PC9800 family of handheld computers, the CE5240 and CE5320 will also have optional, integrated laser bar code scanning and wireless capabilities (2.4 GHz).

The CE5240 and CE5320 are the perfect handheld computers for mobile workers. DAP handheld computers are used in applications such as utility meter reading, global positioning, distribution, process plant data collection, forestry timber cruising, field service, parking management, and many other industrial field related uses.

DAP has devoted the last 17 years to designing and manufacturing extremely rugged units. The result is that users in the field have a highly reliable handheld computer to accomplish their tasks under the most demanding conditions. The MS-DOS™ based products will continue to be developed, improved and supported by DAP.