Husky Fex21 Gets Significant Performance Upgrade

Handheld Systems, Inc. announced today the immediate availability of the upgraded Husky Fex21 handheld personal computer (H/PC). The Husky Fex21 with its unrivalled range of features has been enhanced in many key areas to give it the power and speed to match its well-established ruggedness and reliability. Comparative tests using independent testing utilities have seen the 129MHz Husky Fex21 deliver higher overall performance than the 206MHz Compaq iPAQ and similar performance to the HP Jornada 720.

Marco Landi, Itronix/Husky General Manager for Handheld Products comments, "The Husky Fex21 stands out like a beacon in the handheld computer market. No other system can match it for sheer power, functionality and reliability. The Fex21 is a true working tool that delivers a highly capable computer system, delivering instant radio communications to field workers, even in the most hazardous conditions and extreme weather."

The Husky Fex21 H/PC now has a powerful Toshiba 3922 129MHz MIPS RISC processor, LilON rechargeable batteries, an external MediaQ controller for faster screen updates and standard 32MB SDRAM memory for clock speeds twice as fast as the previous EDO RAM. The unit also features Intel StrataFlash memory for improved performance with the new Microsoft Handheld PC 2000 operating system being launched later this year. In addition, the Fex21 has been redesigned for improved radio performance, with the model now offering support for Nokia2 GSM and CDPD wireless protocols.

Portable computer technology relies on many more factors than desktop systems when it comes to improving performance. The huge range of improvements made to the new Fex21 means that the 30% increase in clock speed over the previous version of the Fex21 has resulted in a 300% improvement in overall performance. These comprehensive improvements also mean that in controlled benchmark tests the 129MHz Fex21 came out with similar, and in some cases better, performance levels than other leading Windows CE products with higher base processor speeds of up to 206MHz.