Husky Fex21 Operating System Upgrade Now Available

All Husky Fex21's with the Windows CE 3.00 operating system or earlier should be sent in for an upgrade. The operating system upgrade eliminates the need for the Service Patch #1 software that corrected the random lockup fault. We also update the controller firmware. This is important because the controller does a lot behind the scenes.

To verify the operating system version, select Start|Settings|Control Panel, double-tap the "System" icon, then choose the "System" tab. You should have Windows CE version 3.01 or greater.

We have a turnaround of 5 working days excluding shipping time. Until March 1, 2001, Handheld Systems is providing this upgrade free of charge. You pay for the freight charges to our facility, and we’ll cover the return freight charges. Please send only the Husky Fex21 with its rechargeable battery pack to Handheld Systems, along with a note stating your name and return address and that you want your Fex21’s operating system upgraded.

If you work for the USDA Forest Service in Region 6, send your units to the Data Recorder Coordinator in your Supervisor’s office. They will then forward all the Husky Fex21’s that need upgrading to Handheld Systems. All other Husky Fex21’s should be sent directly to Handheld Systems. For more information, please feel free to contact us.