New Q200 Ultra Rugged Pocket PC Now Available

Handheld Systems, Inc., a leading supplier of rugged handheld computers, today introduced the Itronix Q200 Pocket PC, the industry’s first truly “ultra-rugged,” advanced handheld computing device. Designed to support mobile professionals who work in mission-critical environments such as forestry, meter reading, asset management, inspections, agriculture, surveying, and parking enforcement, the ultra-rugged Pocket PC is ergonomically designed and weighs less than 1.7 pounds with a high performance battery. The Q200 operates on the Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system, and is powered by a 400-MHz Intel XScale processor.

Q200 Extreme Durability Exceeds Expectations

Rather than just “meeting” US Military 810F test standards for rugged durability, the Q200 exceeds military test specifications which means it can withstand any environment that a mobile workforce will encounter, including rain, snow, water, wind, dust, shock, vibration, and chemical exposure. For example, a single Q200 can withstand 26 repeated 4-foot drops onto plywood over concrete, whereas the standard test requirements for products that “meet” MIL STD 810F allow for up to five units to be used to pass 26 repeated 3-foot drops onto plywood over concrete. Additionally, the Q200 will survive six drops from 2-meters to concrete.

In addition to drops, the Q200 complies with an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP67 for dust and water penetration. If a user is constantly outdoors in the rain, needs to rinse off the device or drops the unit in a pool of water, the Q200 will not be impacted as it can withstand being submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes and also drenched with up to four inches of water per hour at approximately 40 pounds per square inch (PSI) for 40 minutes on each of its six axis.

Built with a die-cast magnesium casing and Xenoy high impact plastic for structural components, the Q200 can operate in temperatures ranging from -4˚F to 140˚F and can be stored at temperatures ranging from -60˚F to 160˚F.

“The Q200 is, by far, the most rugged pocket computer available in its class today – it’s specifically designed for mobile workers that require highly reliable and flexible connectivity in a Pocket PC that can withstand the harshest environments and handling day-in and day-out,” said Mike Berg, president and worldwide sales manager for Handheld Systems. “The Q200 also offers an excellent migration path for existing customers who are currently using Husky products such as the Husky FS/2, FS/3, MP2500, and Fex21. The same engineers who designed these products also designed the Q200, so ruggedness, reliability, and build quality are ensured.”

Powerful and Ergonomically Designed

Featuring the Intel 400-MHz XScale processor, the Q200 also includes a 256MB Compact Flash card standard and 128 MB of SDRAM. With a compact size and weight of only 1.7 pounds with battery, the Q200 includes a 3.8-inch shock- mounted ¼VGA reflective color outdoor viewable display with a passive touch screen.

Ergonomically designed for ease of use and carrying, the Q200 offers various options, including vehicle cradle and mounting capabilities, and multiple carrying options, such as a carrying case with shoulder strap or a belt mounted holster. In addition, the device is designed for easy integration with options and accessories, such as a barcode scanner.


Handheld Systems is currently accepting orders for the Q200, which is available for immediate shipment. For specific information or product information, please call 503-282-2857 or email.